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The Blade RC Pro  helicopter.  This is  my first attempt at helicopters, both flying and modifying.  I did  have plenty of firewood starter with the blades I broke.  There is  a training kit that everyone should buy, that will save allot of grief.   Keeping everything tuned up and balanced is critical.  I also put a  dual motor tail rotor kit on and saved myself from changing motors  often.

Once you master the Blade CP you can fly it in a  neighborhood street.  That is without trying stunts.  I advise  making sure kids aren't nearby either.

The radio is easy to master and does include  full aerobatic controls.  I have tried inverted flight with the  right blades and can actually keep inverted for a very short time.   I use a A/C D/C converter for charging the batteries (which can be very  difficult).  The included charger works fine.  My flight time  is typically around 9-11 minutes.  Believe me, 9 minutes is long  enough of concentrating on how to keep these things in the air.  I  do take extra batteries with me.

The kit you see actually has a modified skid and  tail system.  It helps keep the helicopter more directional in  flight and is stronger for the hard landings.

My next move is to a larger kit.  The CP  Pro is great to start on and to take risks with since the sticker price  is only around $250 complete.  It does get a little tough to keep  directional orientation when the helicopter is up high.  Maybe  that's me getting old.

I would advise this kit for the beginner.   You will spend some $ on extra parts, but they are cheap.  Our  local hobby store is very helpful.  I begin flying in the garage  with the training kit.  No wind and keep the tail rotor toward you  and you'll be hovering very quickly.  Need help?  The local  hobby stores usually have great clubs and folks that are willing to  help.

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